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Your Everyday Money

You could be enjoying your money. Really.

You have a choice


Do nothing
(Your money is stress city)

Stressed about money
Struggling with debt
Unable to save
Relationship is on rocky ground
Making poor money choices
Growing credit card debt
Forgetting to pay bills
Living paycheck to paycheck

Think budgeting is the only answer


Use pencil and paper
(Be happy with your money)

Watch "The Payday Trap" video

Manage current cash flow
Pay bills on time
Tame your spending money
Have a debt payoff plan
Build an emergency fund
Save for the future

Use free Pay Bills Worksheets


Use Income Companion
(Really love seeing your future cash flow)

Try Income Companion for free

Manage current & future cash flow
See cash flow out a year
Play "what if?" for decisions
Use credit cards for free
Plan for future large expenses
Save for the long & short term

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Income Companion advantages


Help when you want it

Income Companion plans everything. You have a clear picture of your future income, spending money, bills, credit card payments, along with short and long term saving plans. The program automatically records your activity so that when it comes time to pay bills, balance your checking account and reconcile your credit card statements Income Companion simplifies everything.


Your info is private

Income Companion runs on your personal computer. All of the information that you manage using the program is stored locally on your personal computer. Nobody can see your financial information unless you let them.


Your info is safe

Websites store your financial information somewhere on the Internet, in the cloud, where it could be at risk of unauthorized exposure both where the information is stored and while data is being transmitted from and to your PC. Income Companion runs on your local computer where your personal information is stored on a local disk drive. Nobody has access to your personal information unless you give them permission.

Paychecks are important. Paydays are not.

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