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George B Gilbert
Owner and Founder

During my Navy career, I received a BS in Computer Science from Purdue University. Since retiring in 1980 from twenty years military service, I have held progressively more responsible application analyst/developer positions from entry level through MIS Manager.

The systems with which I have had development, maintenance, implementation and support experience include medical insurance, agent commissions, small business, university, scientific technical transfer, manufacturing, accounting, energy sustainability, medical emergency room, merchandise warehouse, personal finance and HVAC BAS trend data management.

I launched 2 Good Software in 1995. In January, 2008, Person On Call LLC was launched to market a commercial web application in the U.S. hospital market. The Call List Navigator is based on new technology I developed in 1996 under contract for a local hospital. A software firm in Virginia did the repackaging of the new technology as a web application.

My interest in personal finance is rooted in my experiece with trying to manage my income to support a growing family. In 1975 I had an epiphany that what I was doing on scratch paper twice a month could be formalized to organize and simplify how I handled our finances. Over the 45 or so years since that original "ah-ha" moment, I have experimented with and expanded upon the original manual process I began using. In 2000 I started work on a client application which has now become myMoneyHandbook. Users of this new approach to managing everyday money have been amazed at their change for the better in how they view and manage their money.

I am the only person working on creating products for 2 Good Software. I have reached the limit of my one man shop resources for myMoneyHandbook. Going forward, I am open to partnering with anyone who is interestered in taking this game changer program mainstream. There are millions, perhaps billions, of wage earners worldwide who could benefit from using myMoneyHandbook to manage their income for the benefit of their families as well as for preparing themselves for retirement. If coming on board piques your interest, contact me.

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