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Awesome features

This tool is amazing. It has changed everything about how I do my finances. It has freed up my time and given me decision making power that I've never had from a finance perspective. My terrible excel sheet is gone and the power of this tool is allowing me to project my decisions out for an entire year. Takes time to get setup but has already saved me more time in 2 months on my finances than what I invested on the front end.
Jonathan P., TN

Open a data set page

Income Companion replaces whatever you use to keep track of the balance in your checking (hub) account. All of the information about a hub account is stored in a data set. The program keeps track of all hub account transactions for you.

Each data set is used to manage one hub account; or as a cloned data set in which you can play "what if?" with anything.

There is no limit to the number of data sets you can create.

Open a data set

Plan pages

Income page

Add your income sources. Then keep up with changes as they happen for predictable incomes. You maintain the dates and amounts for unpredictable incomes.


Income Companion calculates future receipt dates and amounts for all predictable incomes whether they have a fairly consistent income amount or the income amount is based on hours worked.

Plan income

Bills page

Add your bills. Then keep up with changes as they happen for scheduled bills. You maintain the due date and amounts for unscheduled bills.


Income Companion calculates future due dates and amounts for all scheduled bills. You can link bills to saving plans to automate the setting aside of money to make payments. Click here to see how linking works for annual bills.

Plan bills

Credit cards page

Add your credit cards which is different from adding credit card charges. On this page you describe how a credit card works as well as how your monthly statements will be paid.


Charges are handled on the Charges page.

Plan credit cards

Special focus page

Special focus items are timed saving plans. You use them to accumulate a goal amount of money by a reach by date. The purpose of a special focus item can be anything like saving for a vacation, making a down payment on a car, replacing a laptop or 


buying a house. Any future need for a large amount of money.

On this page you add special focus items and monitor progress toward the goal amounts.

Plan special focus

Saving page

Savings are plans that you create to set aside income for specific purposes. Plans can have a fixed set aside amount, a set aside amount that is a percent of an income, or be unscheduled for setting aside money when the money is available.


On this page you add and manage short term saving plans.

Plan saving

Use Cash pages

Hub Account page

The available money in a hub account is kept track of by the program with ledgers in which additions, withdrawals and balances are maintained. The sum of all ledger balances, summarized on the Hub Account page, is the balance available in the hub account.


On this page you enter manual hub account transactions such as deposits, moving money between ledgers and writing manual checks as well as balance your monthly hub account statement with help from the program.

Use cash hub account page

Allowance page

An allowance is the spending money that you use to pay for out of pocket expenses. How you spend your allowance is up to you. How much allowance you need as well as how often you get your allowance is also up to you. The idea is to give yourself an allowance that consistently lasts only until you get your next allowance. You do not keep track of how you spend your allowance.


Failure to control the amount of spending between paydays is the primary reason that people get into financial trouble. A consistent allowance is how you avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

On this page you set up your allowance and then get your allowance on the weekly schedule you choose.

Use cash allowance page

Charges page

In Income Companion you use a 4-step method for managing credit card charges. You use this method so that you do not pay interest or fees, you avoid fraudulent charges and you always know how your charging activity is affecting your future cash flow.


On this page you add credit card charges, schedule payments to balance the charges and reconcile your credit card statements. You can link a credit card to a saving to automatically pay for charges on the card. You can also schedule the automatic payoff of a large credit card balance.

Use cash charges page

Pay Bills page

The Look Ahead page (shown next) automatically combines all aspects of your everyday money into two columns per month. The dates of these twice monthly columns are when you pay the bills that are due on or after the column date. The money that is available to pay the bills in a column is deposited in the hub account on or before the column date.


The Pay Bills window (which is opened by clicking on the "Pay bills for m/d/yyyy" button) organizes the payments and set asides that are listed in the first Look Ahead column into an easy to use checklist. You have an easy to use guide that shows you both which bills are due as well as how the payments are to be made.

Use cash pay bills page

Look Ahead page

The Look Ahead page automatically combines all of the information from the Plan and Use Cash pages to give you a clear picture of both where you are and where you are headed with the managed money in your hub account.

On this page you can see from 1 to 12 months of your future cash 

flow either subtotalled or in expanded detail, show row totals to see both an amount and percent row-by-row breakdown of the displayed columns and create eye-catching charts.

The "New cushion balance" row is your personal bottom line on which you can see potential problems well in advance.

Look ahead page



The contacts feature in Income Companion provides you with a convenient place to keep just about any information you may need on people with whom you communicate as well as information for companies and websites you visit.  All contacts that you designate as Favorite are listed in the left panel of the main window.


There is no requirement to enter this information. Income Companion does not use any contact information, including account numbers or passwords, for any purpose.

Accessories contacts


This page provides a full set of calculators for saving and loan analysis as well as tools for planning your way out of debt.


Click here to see a real debt snowball (0:24).

Accessories calculators

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