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Enjoy the benefits of using this awesome software

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. We just had a baby and I'm planning to stay home for a while so Income Companion is really helpful in figuring out how long I can do that or exactly how much income I will eventually need to maintain our current lifestyle. Again, compared to what I'm used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the future focus and pre-planning aspect of this!
Lauran J., NJ

Everything is in one place

Everything to do with your everyday money is handled by Income Companion. You can see everything on one easy to read screen.

Seeing your future cash flow

Income Companion uses the one time setup information that you provide to forecast your everyday cash flow for the next year.

Seeing trouble before it strikes

With a 12 month projection of your entire everyday money situation, you can see problems before they get here.

Planning and paying bills

Income Companion automatically plans your bill payments on a twice monthly scheduled. The program then helps you pay the bills.

Using credit cards for free

Using the 4 step method for managing credit cards, you can enjoy the convenience without paying interest or fees.

Getting creative with saving

Income Companion gives you the tools needed to plan and manage both short and long term saving programs.

Paying bills on time

With Income Companion planning your bill payments the chance that you will  forget to pay a bill  is not an issue.

Planning your way out of debt

Income Companion has all the tools you need to make and follow a plan for getting rid of any type of debt as fast as you can handle.

Having everybody included

With all of your everyday cash flow displayed on an easy to understand screen, everyone in the family takes part in planning the future.

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