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Incredible benefits

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. We just had a baby and I'm planning to stay home for a while so Income Companion is really helpful in figuring out how long I can do that or exactly how much income I will eventually need to maintain our current lifestyle. Again, compared to what I'm used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the future focus and pre-planning aspect of this!
Lauran J., NJ

Easily make ends meet

Pay bills on time. Live comfortably. Manage your everyday spending. Build an emergency fund automatically.

Live for today and tomorrow

Use timed and short term saving to handle periodic and ongoing expenses. Automate long term saving to prepare for retirement.

Use debt reasonably

Pay nothing to use credit cards. Build debt payoff plans for one or many debts with payments you can handle. Play "what if?" before agreeing to new debt.

Make good buying decisions

Use the loan calculators to analyze and understand borrowing choices. Play "what if?" before agreeing to any new, large financial obligation.

Enjoy your money

Instead of focusing on cheap and being frugal, have a complete understanding of where you are and where you are going financially so you know what's possible.

Be comfortable discussing finances

With all of your everyday finances in one place, everyone can see and understand what's happening. And playing "what if?" can show everyone what will and won't work.

Always have a plan

By keeping up with the everyday money details on the Plan and Use Cash pages, the Look Ahead page will always be your accurate, future spending plan.

Enjoy your relationship

Income Companion is ridiculously easy to understand and use making money issues a reason for discussing what's possible instead of having an argument.

Sleep well

Using Income Companion means you are doing something to effectively handle your household finances instead of lying awake nights worrying how to pay your bills.

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