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Before we started using Income Companion, we were well accustomed to the art of living from paycheck to paycheck. We always paid our bills on time, but rarely had money left over at the end of each month. Income Companion has changed our lives for the better. We can now see exactly where our money is going at a glance and set funds aside every month without a complete lifestyle change.
J. and H. Chambers, ID

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Income Companion is a Windows application that you download and install on your PC. You need a computer that can run Windows programs.

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Collecting and setting up all of your everyday money information is the hard part since you've probably never done so before. In addition, you are learning new terms and how to use a new program. Be nice to yourself. A heavy dose of patience is recommended.

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To continue using Income Companion past the 60 free trial you purchase a lifetime license for $39.95. You're right. That is a really great value. The license comes with a lifetime of financial peace of mind.

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