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This tool is amazing. It has changed everything about how I do my finances. It has freed up my time and given me decision making power that I've never had from a finance perspective. My terrible excel sheet is gone and the power of this tool is allowing me to project my decisions out for an entire year. Takes time to get setup but has already saved me more time in 2 months on my finances than what I invested on the front end.
Jonathan P., Nashville, TN

Why would you use it?

If you're like most people, you use something like an account register or spreadsheet to track the flow of cash into and out of your checking account. That means you are managing your cash flow with one number ... the balance in your checking account.


Payday rules

Nothing happens until you get paid. Then it all happens rather quickly. After paying bills and making payments on credit cards, you live until next payday on what's left over from your paycheck plus the available balance on your credit cards.

Roller coaster

Because everything only happens on payday, what you have left over after paying bills and making payments on credit cards is like a roller coaster. A lot of pocket money one payday and barely enough to buy groceries the next payday.

Growing debt

Using credit cards to fill in when spending money runs short can result in ever growing credit card debt. Making minimum payments each month means you are losing possibly a large part of your income to interest and fees.

Income Companion replaces your account register or spreadsheet. Instead of managing just your current cash flow with one number,  the program gives you the tools to manage your on hand cash while simultaneously planning your future cash flow.


Monthly scheduling

Bill and credit card payments are normally due on a monthly schedule. Income Companion shows you your expected income and planned spending based on a twice a month schedule that is not affected by when you get paid.

Consistent spending

You give yourself a weekly allowance in an amount and on a weekday of your choice. Your spending money is no longer a roller coaster. Income Companion automatically sets your future spending money aside so that when you get your allowance the money is ready.

Debt free

Using the 4 step method of managing credit cards in Income Companion, you use your credit cards as a true convenience that costs you nothing. Plus, the program has the tools you need to plan your way out from under debt as quickly as you can handle.

Emergency fund

In Income Companion you can set up a saving for an emergency fund that grows automatically to a limit that you set. When you use any of the money, the program again starts setting aside money in the fund until the limit is again reached.

Future expenses

When you have a future large expense, such as a vacation or new car, you can set up a special focus so that Income Companion will automatically set aside the amount of money that is needed by the date that it is needed.

Be ready

In Income Companion you can set up an unlimited number of savings to prepare for ongoing and periodic expenses. The savings that are set aside can be a percent of an income or a fixed amount, You have the option of putting a set aside limit on any saving.

Automatic register

Income Companion automatically maintains a transaction register in which are recorded all transactions that are performed by the program that change the balance in your hub account.

Help balancing

Income Companion helps you balance your monthly checking account statement.

Help reconciling

Income Companion also helps you reconcile your monthly credit card statement.

What else is so neat about it?

All in one place

Everything to do with your everyday money is handled by Income Companion. You can see everything on one easy to read screen.

Your future cash flow

Income Companion uses the one time setup information that you provide to forecast your everyday cash flow for the next year.

See trouble before it strikes

With a 12 month projection of your entire everyday money situation, you can see problems before they get here.

Plan and pay bills

Income Companion automatically plans your bill payments on a twice monthly scheduled. The program then helps you pay the bills.

Use credit cards for free

Using the 4 step method for managing credit cards, you can enjoy the convenience without paying interest or fees.

Get creative with saving

Income Companion gives you the tools needed to plan and manage both short and long term saving programs.

Pay bills on time

With Income Companion planning your bill payments the chance that you will  forget to pay a bill  is not an issue.

Plan your way out of debt

Income Companion has all the tools you need to make and follow a plan for getting rid of any type of debt as fast as you can handle.

Everybody is included

With all of your everyday cash flow displayed on an easy to understand screen, everyone in the family takes part in planning the future.

Get started today


Income Companion is a Windows application that you download and install on your PC. You need a computer that can run Windows programs.

Try it for 60 days

Collecting and setting up all of your everyday money information is the hard part since you've probably never done so before. In addition, you are learning new terms and how to use a new program. Be nice to yourself. A heavy dose of patience is recommended.

Buy a lifetime license

To continue using Income Companion past the 60 free trial you purchase a lifetime license for $39.95. You're right. That is a really great value. The license comes with a lifetime of financial peace of mind.

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