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Your Everyday Money

Most people fail to achieve their financial goals using traditional methods such as budgeting and tracking expenses. Why is that? It's because those traditional methods are good for running businesses and governments but are not good for managing household finances. When used for personal finances, traditional budgeting and expense tracking are time-consuming, cumbersome, inflexible and largely ineffective.

In this short ebook you'll learn an effective and entirely new way to manage your hard-earned income. The mystery surrounding your day-to-day finances will be explained. You'll be introduced to tools to help you maximize the benefit you realize from your income so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck, eliminate debt and make good financial decisions for the future.

After you get comfortable with managing your money, use the ebook to start a conversation with your children. Make money a topic your family likes to discuss. By doing so you will pass to your children a good chance at the same financial peace of mind that you enjoy.

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