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Income Companion

When you get paid is set by the source of your income. For most of us, that means our employer. There is no standard schedule for paydays. Where you work determines when you get paid.

Business is normally conducted on a calendar basis. For us, that normally means that the bills we pay come due on a day in a month. In other words, regardless of when we get paid we have to pay our bills on a monthly schedule. This mismatch between paydays and monthly bill payments is one of the reasons people end up living paycheck to paycheck.

Living paycheck to paycheck usually means that when you get paid, you pay bills, make payments on credit cards and use whatever is left over for spending money. When spending money runs short, you use credit cards. This cycle means that each payday there is no money left over from the previous payday because your spending money is all ... well ... spent. Failure to control spending money is the main reason that you live paycheck to paycheck.

Kicking the habit of living paycheck to paycheck is done by (1) ignoring when you get paid, (2) controlling your spending money and (3) paying bills twice a month. Sounds simple, but, managing your everyday money this way means changing the way you've always been handling your money. And change, especially when the change involves breaking a long standing habit, is tough. When you start to use Income Companion it will feel odd enough that you will feel like quiting. If you are serious about taking control of your everyday money, however, you will stick with it. Continuing to use Income Companion will help you break out of the paycheck to paycheck habit. By the time your 60 day free trial period is over you will have an entirely new set of money habits that will actually work for you.

Your everyday money happens every day whether or not you are paying attention. Living paycheck to paycheck is easy, but, it's not paying attention. Using Income Companion is, at first, tough. But, by using Income Companion for the rest of your life as intended, you will be paying the attention to your everyday money that your future deserves.


 I'm using Income Companion personally (on a Mac) and love it. It's changed how I view and manage my personal finances.

If you are looking for a way to manage your day to day finances and finally visualize your future dollars then I suggest you check out the 60 day free trial. Nothing to lose and lots to gain for most people.

Let me know what you think after you try it! And if you want some help getting set up let me know and I'll be happy to give you some tips!

Benjamin Pitts, CEO, myFinancialAnswers

This tool is amazing. It has changed everything about how I do my finances. I was adverse for months while [my brother] tried to convince me to use it. But it has freed up my time and given me decision making power that I've never had from a finance perspective. My terrible excel sheet is gone and the power of this tool is allowing me to project my decisions out for an entire year. Good stuff! Takes time to get setup but has already saved me more time in 2 months on my finances than what I invested on the front end.

Jonathan P., Nashville, TN

I feel particularly fortunate to have begun using Income Companion just before the holidays. I've always known how to "make it work" with our finances but failed to maximally achieve our goals. Our family has been growing, we bought a house and the changing variable always seemed to get the best of us. We never had a manageable way to keep a handle on the full picture and the tangible impact of our choices. Now, with this program, we can look foward and see our opportunity (and pit-falls before they get the better of us). The picture that this program creates helps us to make well informed and objective decisions. Love it!

Leigh-Anna R., Ripon, CA

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. We just had a baby and I'm planning to stay home for a while so Income Companion is really helpful in figuring out how long I can do that or exactly how much income I will eventually need to maintain our current lifestyle. Again, compared to what I'm used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the future focus and pre-planning aspect of this!

Lauren J., Voorhees Township, NJ

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Requires MS Windows or a MS Windows simulator on Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is recommended.

$39.95 after 60 day free trial

All of your information is safe

Online sites store your personal information and, in some cases, may be using your own info against you. That can't happen with Income Companion. All of your everyday money data is stored on your local computer. Nobody can see your info unless you let them.

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