my. Money. Handbook.

A plan ahead budgeting tool that will help you achieve your lifelong dreams

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Change forever how you view and manage your money


Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Plan your spending based on when you need your money vs when you get it

Plan for retirement

Design short and long term saving plans to meet your retirement goals.

Pay off debt

Build custom payoff plans for any number of debts including high balance credit cards.

Build an emergency fund

Create a set aside schedule to automatically build and maintain your emergency fund.

Simplify your sinking funds

Automatically save a goal amount of money by a goal date to pay for known large expenses.

Pay bills on time

With your bills automatically scheduled for payment you will never forget.

Make good money choices

Play "what if?" at any time with any part of your future spending plan.

Enjoy your money

Always know where you stand with income and spending planned a year in advance.

Enjoy your relationships

Have a long term spending plan that everyone understands and with which all agree.

What to expect

myMoneyHandbook is a plan ahead budget tool. You keep up with today's details while the program maintains your cash flow plan for the coming 12 months. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect when you begin using this awesome program.

Home page

Initial, one time setup

The goal when getting started with myMoneyHandbook is to get ready to pay bills for the first time with the help of the program*. You do this by describing when you get paid (Plan Income page), deciding on your weekly allowance (Use Cash Allowance page), adding your bills (Plan Bills page) and describing how your credit cards work (Plan Credit cards page).

Pay bills the first time

On the next date when myMoneyHandbook is scheduled to set aside your future allowance money (as shown on the Use Cash Allowance page), you initialize the balance in your hub account (Use Cash Hub account page), add all credit card activity that has happened since the last statement (Use Cash Charges page), and pay bills (Use Cash Pay bills page).

Use the program

myMoneyHandbook is now live. You can expect to spend 4 to 5 hours each month keeping your information current, paying bills, creating short, long and timed saving plans, and planning how you will handle debt.

You can also play "what if?" at any time with anything to help you make good money choices.

*Your information is safe

myMoneyHandbook is a planning tool, only. The program does not use account numbers or passwords for any purpose whatsoever. This software does not send your information anywhere online; nor does it collect your information from anywhere online. Your data resides entirely on your local computer. Nobody can see your information unless you choose to show it to them.

What our worry free users say

myMoneyHandbook has changed our lives for the better. We can now see exactly where our money is going at a glance and set funds aside every month without a complete lifestyle change.

We never had a manageable way to keep a handle on
our finances and the impact of our choices. The picture that myMoneyHandbook creates helps us to make well informed and objective decisions.
Love it!

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. Compared to what
I was used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the
future focus and pre-planning aspect of myMoneyHandbook!

Get started today


myMoneyHandbook is a Windows program that you download and install on any personal computer that can run Windows programs.

Click here to start download

Try it free and anonymously for 60 days

Spend a couple of hours adding information about your everyday finances by following the short "Getting started" guide. Pay bills the first time and you are on your way. Use the rest of your free trial period exploring all the ways myMoneyHandbook can simplify meeting your monetary goals.

Buy a lifetime license

To continue using myMoneyHandbook past the 60 day free trial period you purchase a lifetime license for USD $39.95.

That's a really great value when you consider that the license comes with a lifetime of financial peace of mind.

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