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Instead of worrying about money, do something about it

Before we started using myMoneyHandbook, we were well accustomed to the art of living from paycheck to paycheck. We always paid our bills on time, but rarely had money left over at the end of each month. myMoneyHandbook has changed our lives for the better. We can now see exactly where our money is going at a glance and set funds aside every month without a complete lifestyle change.
J. and H. Chambers, ID


myMoneyHandbook is the only software with everything you need to manage your money in private
   + Control spending
   + Pay bills on time
   + Customize debt payoff plans
   + Use credit cards without adding debt
   + Build an Emergency Fund
   + Automate short & long term savings
   + See your future cash flow
   + Play "What if?" with anything
   + And much more ...

Get started today


myMoneyHandbook is a Windows program that you download and install on any personal computer that can run Windows programs.

Try it for 60 days

Spend a couple of hours adding information about your everyday finances by following the short "Getting started" guide. Pay bills the first time and you are on your way. You can expect to spend 4-5 private hours per month using myMoneyHandbook to pay bills and to keep your money info current.

Buy a lifetime license

To continue using myMoneyHandbook past the 60 day free trial period you purchase a lifetime license for USD $39.95.

That's a really great value especially when you consider that the license comes with a lifetime of financial peace of mind.

Paychecks are important. Paydays are not.

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