The digital tape adding machine with all of the features you expect plus a whole lot more

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An adding machine on steroids

Running tapes is just the beginning with all of the features you expect from even the most expensive mechanical devices, but, with awesome features that are possible only with this digital tape number processor.

Using this tool, you can do amazing tasks that you will never be able to do on that plastic or metal monster that is taking up desk space sitting next to your computer.

Normal view


All functions are visible. The panel shown here on the left can be shifted to the right side.

There is no limit to the number of memories. Separate arithmetic can be performed on the selected memory value.

Three types of line numbering, including none, are available on the tape.

The Subtotal and Note columns are optional.

Minimum view


The smallest view takes up the least desktop space to allow using all of the tape functionality with minimum interference with other applications.

A virtual numpad


Built for touch screens

On tablets and monitors with touch screens, the virtual numpad makes running tapes a breeze. Available in any view, the virtual numpad works the same on touch screens as the numpad does on a keyboard.

Amazing functionality

Including, but, not limited to these awesome features

Selectable culture

Select from the available cultural formats for numbers and dates

Save tapes

Save/open digital tapes to/from any available drive

Search for tapes

Search for tapes on available drives based on filename, tape caption and/or tape notes

Selectable mode

Use the program as either a calculator or adding machine

Modify tapes

Change any value or operation anywhere on a tape plus insert and remove tape rows

Undo last entry

There is no limit to the undos that can be done at the end of a tape

Double zero

A double zero key is available with all keying methods

Sales tax

Add all sales tax lines to a tape with one key using default or custom tax rate

Extra-tape calculations

Use one of three methods to do an extra calculation without affecting the tape

Cascade tapes

Use the tape cascade to build tapes that can be completely updated by changing one value

Multiple memories

Add an unlimited number of memories

Deposit slips

Create and print bank deposit slips with an unlimited number of checks

Debt calculators

Build a custom payoff plan for one debt or a snowball for multiple debts

Saving calculators

Build a custom timed saving plan and analyze saving options

Loan calculators

Analyze existing or contemplated loans

Depreciation schedules

Calculate and compare depreciation schedules and asset values with the five depreciation algorithms

Auto decimal

Let the program insert decimal points into keyed values

Tape sound

Optionally let the program play mechanical tape sounds to give you audio feedback

What our users say

I have been an accountant for over 30 years and
myOwn10-Key is the most useful program that I have on my computer.

myOwn10-Key is the perfect tool... Ultra reliable. Simple and elegant. Works with everything: Excel, Quicken, Money, Word, Wordperfect. Can't do without it. Don't know how I did without it before.

myOwn10-Key is a great addition to my laptop. With it I don't have to lug my desktop calculator around when I am out of my office.

myOwn10-Key is a fantastic program. I've been using it for years.

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