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The digital tape adding machine with all of the features you expect plus a whole lot more


An adding machine on steroids

Running tapes is just the beginning with all of the features you expect from even the most expensive mechanical devices, but, with awesome features that are possible only with a digital tape number processor.

Using this tool, you can do amazing tasks that you will never be able to do on that plastic or metal monster that is taking up desk space sitting next to your computer.


Normal view


Minimum view


Flexible view (with a cascade)


Virtual numpad for touch screens

On tablets and monitors with touch screens, the virtual numpad makes running tapes a breeze. The virtual numpad works the same as the numpad on a keyboard.

What our steady users say

I have been an accountant for over 30 years and
myOwn10-Key is the most useful program that I have on my computer.

myOwn10-Key is the perfect tool... Ultra reliable. Simple and elegant. Works with everything: Excel, Quicken, Money, Word, Wordperfect. Can't do without it. Don't know how I did without it before.

myOwn10-Key is a great addition to my laptop. With it I don't have to lug my desktop calculator around when I am out of my office.

myOwn10-Key is a fantastic program. I've been using it for years.

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myOwn10-Key is a Windows program that you download and install on any personal computer that can run Windows programs.

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