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The most feature rich, environmentally safe adding machine you can buy
An easy to use tool that you can also use to improve your budgeting


myOwn10-Key understands. Use the cascade tape feature to create monthly budget tapes. For each new month, open the saved budget tape for that month and change your income numbers to update your complete budget for the coming month. An annual set of budget cascade tapes can include periodic expenses for each month thus making each new monthly budget more accurate.

In addition to helping you crunch numbers, myOwn10-Key helps you prepare deposit slips, analyze loans, plan your way out of debt, save for large expenses and do investment calculations. This program supports your financial lifestyle without interfering.

With myOwn10-Key installed on your laptop, you carry less weight and never forget to bring that mechanical machine that used to take up unneccesary workspace and needed its own power outlet.

Amazing features

myOwn10-Key Mechanical device
Virtual numpadYes (for touch screens)
Auto decimalYesYes
Double zero keyYesYes
Subtotal columnYes
Notes columnYes (multi-line)
10-key and calculatorYes (switch at any time)
Change decimal placesYes (at any time)
Cascade tapesYes
Editable tapeYes
Last entry undoYes
Compound entriesYes
Sales tax entriesYes (one key)
Save tapes to fileYes
Export tapesYes (comma or tab delimited)
Search for tape filesYes
MemoryYes (unlimited)
Memory arithmeticYes (using any available value)
Deposit slipsYes
Loan calculatorsYes (separate from tape)
Debt payoff planningYes (one debt, snowball)
Large expense planningYes (separate from tape)
Investment calculatorsYes (separate from tape)
Depreciation schedulesYes (separate from tape)


myOwn10-Key is a fantastic program. I've been using it for years.

K. H. Stevens, CPA

I have been an accountant for over 30 years and myOwn10-Key is the most useful program that I have on my computer. 

K. Ritchey

myOwn10-Key is a great addition to my laptop. With it I don't have to lug my desktop calculator around when I am out of my office.

J. Forbes

myOwn10-Key is the perfect tool... Ultra reliable. Simple and elegant. Works with everything: Excel, Quicken, Money, Word, Wordperfect. Can't do without it. Don't know how I did without it before. 

H. W. Haldeman

Install for free

Requires MS Windows or a MS Windows simulator on Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is recommended.

$19.95 after 30 day free trial

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