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Payday Organizer

A minimal requirement for getting a handle on your day-to-day finances is to continually match your expected bills and expenses to your expected paychecks. While relying on paydays as a basis for planning is not the optimal game plan, seeing a coordinated picture of the income and outgo that flows through your checking account is a good place to start.

Employing a "do as you go" approach to managing household finances, Payday Organizer has the advantage of requiring no setup. When you first start the program, you begin to enter current information with minimal requirements such as a date for upcoming paydays and a name for each bill. The flip side of this quick startup and simple ongoing maintenance is the forfeiture of any automatic forecasting of your finances.

Using Payday Organizer is a good place to start when you are first learning how to manage your everyday money. However, staying with this simplistic program will not make getting to your retirement goal as easy as it could be. For optimum planning and goal setting, your best bet for managing your every day money is Income Companion.

Getting started is as easy as ABC


Add payday dates for 1 to 3 months

Choose how you want to handle spending money

Add the name of bills on hand

Schedule a payment for each bill


If it's a new bill, add the name

Schedule the payment

For large payments, add "Add to ledger" set asides on preceding paydays to spread the payment over more than one paycheck


Move your check register balance to the program (less your spending money if you opted for weekly)

Do payday

Every month is just as easy


Enter a name for each new special

Schedule amounts to be set aside


Enter the payday deposit in the program

If doing yourself, enter spending money amount

Enter amount calculated by program in your check register

Pay bills


If you opted for weekly spending money, "pay" yourself the same amount on the same day every week

Use analysis tools and pay off debt


Pay off loan debt

Play "what if?" for new loans

Analyze saving and investment options


Create a doable credit card payoff plan with the amortization method that works best for you


Create a set aside schedule to reach a goal amount by the date the money is needed for planned large expenses

Done your homework?

If you have not done so, do yourself a favor. Read the short, free ebook. By first understanding how your everyday money works, you will have an easier time getting started with Payday Organizer. 


Install for free

Requires MS Windows or a MS Windows simulator on Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is recommended.

$29.95 after 30 day free trial

All of your information is safe

Online sites store your personal information and, in some cases, may be using your own info against you. That can't happen with Payday Organizer. All of your everyday money data is stored on your local computer. Nobody can see your info unless you let them.

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