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A free benefit for users of 2 Good Software products

Licensing of 2 Good Software shareware products is handled by FastSpring for billing and by softWORKZ Innovation Inc for activation support. These two companies offer a tightly integrated and robust software licensing and distribution solution which benefits both us, the vendor, and you, the purchaser. The myLicense Portal offered by softWORKZ is a free benefit which you can take advantage of to keep track of and manage your license activation codes.

Single Seat License 

After each copy of a 2 Good Software product is activated using a single seat license activation code, an email is sent from softWORKZ explaining how the user can access the myLicense Portal to manage the activation code by:

    1. changing the activation email, 

    2. changing the code password, and

    3. de-activating the license.

Multiple Seat License 

A multiple seat license lets multiple users use the same activation code and password to activate a shareware software product on several computers. Multiple licenses are ideal for software put into service in enterprise, university or government environments.

The activation code for a multiple seat license provides access to the myLicense Portal on which the license administrator has the ability to manage all of the seats. Via the Portal, the administrator for the multiple license activation code is able to: 

1. View all the activated seats for the multiple license activation code including a description of each seat which is entered by the user during the activation process. 

2. De-activate a seat which then can be re-activated by a new user. This is useful if a computer has been discarded or an employee has left the company.

3. Change the password of the activation code used during the activation process which is useful when people in the user group change or leave.

4. Receive an email every time a seat is activated.

The license administrator can manage many multiple license activation codes from the myLicense Portal which is useful for a centralized IT group that manages all licenses for a large population of users. The administrator will have a Portal account (with userid and password). The user who activates the first seat on a multiple license activation code will receive an email with instructions on how to: 

    1. open a myLicense Portal account, 

    2. access the Portal, and

    3. add activation codes to the account.

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