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Get Real With Your Number Crunching

Use the most feature rich and environmentally safe adding machine available

Run tapes your way

You can run tapes using myOwn10-Key either in calculator or 10-key mode. Switch between modes at any time.

But that's just the tip of this adding machine's iceberg. There are numerous, awesome features that include, but are not limited to:

  • saving/opening tapes to/from any available drive
  • searching for tape files based on filename, tape caption and notes on the tape
  • printing tapes to any available printer; copying a tape to the clipboard; and saving a tape in richtext (.rtf) format
  • exporting tapes in either comma or tab delimited format
  • using any available culture for formatting numbers and dates
  • single and unlimited repeating of entered numbers
  • double zero key (00)
  • automatic decimal
  • single and multiple line notes on tape lines
  • adding sales tax to a tape with one keystroke
  • undo last entry
  • subtotal and note columns are optional (removing one of the columns does not lose the information in the column)
  • cascade subtotals on tapes ... change a number anywhere on a tape and the tape automatically recalculates
  • tape captions
  • 0 to 15 decimal places (changing the decimal point does not change the tape values)
  • unlimited number of memories (memories are saved when the program is exited)
  • memory arithmetic from any available source
  • set memory decimal points separate from, or the same as the tape
  • saving and loan calculators
  • debt payoff plan calculators for one debt or a snowball for multiple debts

Virtual numpad

Use the virtual numpad with touch screens on desktops, laptops and tablets

Virtual numpad

Deposit slip

Use myOwn10-Key to prepare deposit slips. Run a tape of the checks, enter cash and cash back then print the bank ready deposit slip.

Deposit slip

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