Refund Policy

Payments for 2 Good Software products are processed by 2 Good Software does not directly accept payment for any product. FastSpring can usually issue credit card refunds up to six months after an order, but PayPal has a 90 day limit.

To receive a full refund, within FastSpring's refund time limits, of the purchase price for any 2 Good Software product:

- send an email to with the subject "Refund." Include the name and activation code for the product being refunded.

- Within 30 days after the receipt of your email, a refund for the full amount paid for the product will be entered on if the order is eligible for refund by FastSpring. Payment of the refund amount will be given directly to you by FastSpring.

- the activation code for the product will be permanently banned by 2 Good Software on, the site that manages registrations for all 2 Good Software products that are not free.

After receiving a refund, whether or not you uninstall a 2 Good Software product with a banned activation code is up to you.

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